About Duluth Rowing Club

Located on the western tip of Lake Superior, the Duluth Rowing Club is home to a thriving rowing program composed of both competitive and recreational crews. The club provides its members – youth, men, and women of all ages – with fun and fitness opportunities throughout the spring and summer months. The DRC is currently 150 active members strong and provides its members with equipment, coaching, and a place to row. DRC also sponsors a number of events during and after the rowing season for further fun and competition.

We offer programs for ages 13 to "as old as you are". Over 100 juniors participated last year, rowing in the Duluth International Regatta and as far away as Regina in Saskatchewan, Canada. In addition to the fun, competition, and camaraderie, each junior is eligible to qualify for a sports letter from their high school, a testimony to their commitment and effort as a team member.

The adult program is open to anyone over the age of 18. Every member is invited and encouraged to row in any regatta the Club enters regardless of skill level.

In 2016, the DRC began a major construction project replacing the 110 year old boathouse with a new Rowing Center. The new facilities completed in 2019 include 1) the Joseph M Krmpotich Boathouse which provides ample storage for all types of rowing shells, 2) the Clubhouse with locker rooms, small boat storage, classroom, and office space, and 3) new docks and area for coach boats, and 4) landscaped areas with trees, flowers, and lawn that beautify the property.

Duluth Rowing Club Mission Statement

The Duluth Rowing Club is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. It is dedicated to promoting the sport of rowing, youth development, and health and fitness.