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Learn to Row

This class is for adults who want to learn to row. Each session runs for two weeks, Monday thru Thursday from 6:00-8:00 pm. Dress for the weather in workout clothing that won’t get caught in a sliding rowing seat. Wear tennis/running shoes, not sandals.

The Duluth Rowing Club is offering a beginners course for adults on the fundamentals of rowing as an introduction to the sport of rowing. The goal of this class is to teach adults the skills they need to continue rowing for fitness and fun. Rowing is a great full body workout and a non-impact activity. It is also an excellent way to cross-train for other sports such as running or skiing.

One-Week Refresher Sessions

For rowers that have taken the beginning class or have similar experience.

Class Fee: $100

Fee can be applied to an annual adult membership after the class

Adult/Master's Program

DRC's Adult/Master's Program is designed for the adult who wants to join the Club and has completed the Learn to Row class and/or has rowing experience.

 Some of our adult rowers row for recreation or fitness while others enjoy training for races. The DRC has a very active group of master rowers that enjoy traveling to local regattas and also competing in the National and World Master races. These races are all age handicapped so rowing of all ages can compete. Adults of all ages currently participate from those in their 20’s to those over 70.

Rowing is the best single full body workout with excellent aerobic conditioning.

There is a discount for registering in advance either the Adult or Family membership.

Annual Membership Fee

Single Membership
   On or before May 20, 2019:  $279
   After May 20:  $329
Family Membership
   On or before May 20, 2019:  $399
   After May 20:  $449

Junior Program

The DRC Junior Rowing Program is for youth 13 years old through the summer they graduate from high school. Juniors practice from 8a-10a, Mon-Fri from the first Monday after school is out until late August.

This group learns to row in all boats, and they work on rowing techniques and fitness with the goal of rowing well and fast.

The juniors have 3-5 regattas they can compete in each summer. These regattas are located in Minneapolis, Duluth, Kenora Ontario, and the NWIRA Championship Regatta which rotates among member clubs. Some juniors also row in our fall regatta Death Row.

First year junior rowers will attend our "Novice Camp" the first two weeks of practice from 10a-12p, Mon-Fri before joining the rest of the rowers.

Annual Junior Membership Fee

On or before June 10, 2019:  $200
After June 10:  $225

For general rowing questions, visit our FAQ page

*Scholarships are available. Please contact us to request information.

For more information about specific programs and to register, click on one of the following program names:

This is a volunteer operated Club. All members, both juniors and adults, are expected to contribute 20 hours of volunteer service such as helping at the Duluth Regatta, opening and closing the boathouse, gardening, mowing, maintenance, etc. This service keeps member fees affordable for all.

*First time members may pay early registration prices*

The Club commits itself to the principle that there shall be no discrimination in the treatment of persons because of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, marital status, disability, public assistance status, veteran status, sexual orientation, or other protected class.

Row Pass available for 10 opportunities to row. Only $100.